New Castle News

November 11, 2013

Pro-life criticism fails to withstand scrutiny

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I respectfully beg to differ with Patricia Peiffer on her views regarding “pro-life folks.”

Her letter to the editor appeared on Oct. 19.

She cites the Alpha-Omega Center touting its 85 percent rate of women who decide against abortion as probably attributable to scare tactics. I would cite a more plausible reason. Women who are considering an abortion are presented with the truth, i.e., they have a child growing inside them.

She questions where are the “pro-lifers” once a child is born. My response to this is we are there. We offer help and support in the form of donations to organizations such as Good Counsel Homes. This organization provides unconditional help and support to pregnant women. It can be researched on the Internet at

She cites an incident where a boyfriend threw a 2-month-old infant against a wall causing horrible injuries and questions if the infant might have been better off aborted. My response to this thought: are we to kill a child just because of what could happen? Absolutely not.

She says it is time for us to assemble again, and it is easy to meet for a rally, to carry pro-life signs and light candles. I would submit to her that I have never found these activities “easy.” but I do find them necessary.

I would further suggest that our life-affirming action and duty, not only as pro-life persons, but most important, as human beings, is the exposure of the truth; that abortion is the killing of a child and evil such as this must be revealed.

Tom J. Navarra

Oak Tree Drive

New Castle