New Castle News

October 21, 2013

A lack of tolerance for Pulaski dissent

Lauren Rearick
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I do not live in Pulaski Township, or Lawrence County. I did belong to a Pulaski Facebook page.

I learned of ethics concerns of supervisors mistreating the Lions Club and a Sunshine Law violation.

I talked to outraged citizens. I saw several sides of an argument. I also got treated badly by some who felt I had no business being concerned about a place where I didn’t live. Several of these citizens are in the Pulaski Township government.

One stated, after the Lions hearing, “Doesn’t sound like a win to me. They don’t get a key to the building and they still have to replace the bush. What did they win? Use of a showcase? And another sign outside? The taxpayers spent how much money defending this lawsuit? IMO, the Lions should have to reimburse us (the taxpayers) for having to defend against this insanity.”

The page was administered by a Pulaski official. This was the opinion of Pulaski government. I was removed from the group for questioning their actions, along with anyone who offered an opposing opinion.

Then, the government opened its own Facebook page, no questions allowed. When citizens asked questions, they were blocked. When they decided to shut the page, a citizen posted what I viewed as libelous comments. I requested the post be removed, and an apology issued. I was officially told none would be forthcoming.

People use the Internet as a tool. They search for jobs, real estate and a place to live. An Internet search will not show the good, solid people from Pulaski Township. Elected officials are a representation of the community. They are elected by citizens, who hope that they will have the same morals and ethics as those who elected them.

I believe citizens got the short end of the stick.

Lori A. Schmitt

York, Pa.