New Castle News

September 30, 2013

Political passion is fine, childish reaction is not

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

It has been a year since my letter regarding Patty Jenkins, and I have read none of her letters since, until the other day.

In my last letter, I basically said that perhaps she might put her energy to better use at, really, almost anything else and then promptly forgot about it.

Several days later, a manila envelope was delivered to my home and I couldn’t imagine who sent me a handwritten letter. I pulled out just the bottom of the letter and saw a line that said, “you bet your Democratic ass I do.” Mystery solved.

I have never heard that it is customary when you write in a rebuttal, as I did with Jenkins, for her then to send me a childish letter filled with profanity to my home. If I should have been doing this, then I should apologize.

I thought, if I read this I’ll probably get angry and it was a gorgeous fall day, so I did what I do with all garbage. I shredded it and went about my day.

If Jenkins thinks that she is going to come into my home and fill it with her views on politics in general and searing vitriol on Democrats in particular, she is mistaken.

Jenkins is obviously very passionate about her beliefs, and I for one applaud that. She exercises this right to be heard often in letters to the editor.

But I have to wonder, when you write into the newspaper and you receive a differing opinion and you are then so angry and filled with rage that someone has the temerity to disagree with you that you then childishly send a letter filled with hate, anger and profanity to that person’s home, is this passion for a belief system or something else at play?

Patti Teplica

East Edgewood Avenue

New Castle