New Castle News

March 11, 2013

Letter writers display dubious religious views

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I must take the time to acknowledge The News for printing letters to the editor.

In reading some, it reminds me to always remember there are many zealous, hateful and disgruntled people.

In reviewing the opinions of Art Herb, Joe Waltenbaugh, Russ Hall and Patty Jenkins, I am fortunate not to be in the company of such people.

I have too many faults of my own to contend with.

Some are so much ingrained and skewered in their myopic political views that it is hard to abide them. While others make pronouncements so unlike many Christians I know, all the while claiming to be Christians themselves.

Please continue to print such letters so that I may be ever-vigilant to avoid such people.

Norman Moses

East Elizabeth Street

New Castle