New Castle News

October 29, 2012

Americans must take stand to save freedom

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I recently attended the 18th recognition for the U.S. POWs and MIAs. It was very moving for me.

As I sat there, my heart filled with pride, but I could not help but think about what is going on in this country, right now.

And of the men and women who have suffered and given so much to their country. How they must feel every time our flag or cross is taken down and the Ten Commandments are removed.

When a fallen hero comes home and they must have police protection so the family can say goodbye in peace.

I believe every time this happens, we are being disrespectful to our country and to the ones who will never come home, but most of all, to the ones who come home, never to be whole in body and in mind again.

For those who came to my free country, if these symbols that show our pride and faith offend them so much, they should look away, cover their eyes or go back to their country, where they won’t be offended any more or free.

To the ones who were lucky enough to be born here and free, they should keep their mouths shut, for they are the biggest offenders of all to me and our country. Anyone who feels as I do, should write, phone, text or email.

They can start with the Supreme Court, to the man in the White House and to every elected official on down to our hometown politicians. We should tell them we will not stand for this attack on our rights and on our freedom anymore.

America must wake up.

Dolores Young

Clyde Avenue