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October 22, 2012

News media ignore truth about Obama

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Media bias must stop in the Obama vs. Romney quest for the White House.

“Jack Kelly: Obama’s real record. It’s dismal, but you wouldn’t know that if you rely on the mainstream media,” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sept. 30).

Americans must wake up. The bottom line: We are all hurting both on foreign and economic fronts. Be it perception or reality if there is no consensus for change due to the broken promises of four years ago of an economic recovery and so forth by the Obama administration, then we are on a path of no return of the American Dream.

If we all don’t wake up, the American Dream will transform into a nightmare that we all will regret:

“Barack Obama has the worst economic record since Herbert Hoover, the worst foreign policy record since Jimmy Carter,” (Kelly).

The Obama camp supported by the media turns to slamming Mitt Romney. The media need to write or communicate about the reality of our woes as to what has happened and what will continue to happen if Obama is re-elected. Jack Kelly says it all:

“In politics, the truth matters only to the degree to which it influences what people think is the truth. It doesn’t matter much if people aren’t told the truth.”

The news media have a role but fail all of us when they purposely distort the truth, which sells papers at the expense of what is all in our best interests.

Tell the truth, not fabrications so we make proper decisions in protecting the America as we know and want. We need to be safe and have a positive economic future. The conclusion: Change is a must.

Harry A. Flannery

Valhalla Drive

New Castle