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October 17, 2012

Religion critiques seen as one-sided claims

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

How gratifying it must be for Thomas Donegan to think that the Almighty has bestowed upon him the authority to judge who’s a Christian and who’s not. (Letters, Sept. 27)

He rattles off a list of politicians he accuses of being “anti-Christ” — not surprisingly, all of them are Democrats, of course.

But yet, Donegan goes on to defend Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan without a mention of the Catholic Bishops’ opinion of Ryan’s proposed federal budget.

In their critique, the bishops call Ryan’s drastic defunding and evisceration of social programs for the poor (to offset another big tax cut for the rich) “un-Christian.”

Then, in a letter of Sept. 29, Oliver Kwiat sides with Mitt Romney’s stupid remarks about 47 percent of Americans not paying any income taxes, being dependent on government and looking for handouts.

Never mind that many low-wage workers don’t make enough money to owe any taxes — some Republicans want to abolish the minimum wage so incomes of the poor are lower still. Wow, that’s really “Christian” of them.

Evidently, Kwiat is unaware that somewhere around half of the corporations on the “Fortune 500” list don’t pay any federal taxes either, nor do 7,000 millionaires.

Republicans just keep blaming everything on the poor.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township