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April 17, 2008

Republican supports Obama

Editor, The News:

What are Republicans going to do at next Tuesday’s primary election? What if you:

•Are a Republican who has been totally against the war in Iraq from the beginning?

•Were disappointed that our great nation went to war against a nation that had never been and was not going to be a threat to our people?

•Look at how our nation is deeply in debt and shudder when you think of the lives and money wasted on this unfortunate mistake?

•Think about the costs of rebuilding a country that wouldn’t need to be rebuilt if we hadn’t bombed it with our “shock and awe?”

•Worry about the costs of taking care of the many disabled veterans for years to come?

•Look at the price of gasoline and remember how the vice president met secretly with oil company executives to plan our energy policy?

•Think about how your medical costs have soared and remember that the big drug companies helped develop the prescription drug plan?

•Think of all of President Bush’s cronies who haven’t been capable of doing their jobs?

•Are upset that our country — that at one time was known for its fairness, justice and human concerns — is now known as a nation that tortures and keeps people locked up for years without giving them a trial?

I am one of these Republicans and I intend to make a protest by not voting for the Republican candidate for president. Instead, I will write in the name of Barack Obama, because I think he is the only candidate who can lead our country away from the many mistakes of the past seven years and lead it to a more hopeful future.

Margaret C. Trautman


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