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November 28, 2013

Letter explained threat to nation’s democracy

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News

Surrounded by Democrats and living in New Castle as a Republican is difficult, especially when you’re close friends with Dick Audino. I won’t waste the reader’s time describing our frequent polarizing political discussions.

However, as I am sure many conservatives in town will agree, trying to have a rational political conversation with an ardent Democrat is difficult at best.

Since passage of Obamacare three years ago, countless heated arguments have occurred. I have listened to many Democratic monologues proclaiming the virtues of the Affordable Care Act to the point of permanent nausea.

Additionally, I have also heard as many discourses against Obamacare from Republicans. Of course, neither side truly listens to the other and most are based upon personal emotion.

However, Robert Miller’s letter in the Nov. 19 edition of the paper did what others have failed to accomplish in the past few years. He clearly and factually showed how the Obama administration and their accomplices in Congress have ignored and violated the founding principle of our nation, the Constitution.

What mystifies me is how we Americans have lost focus on our basic rights and freedom. How we have meekly or blindly allowed our elected officials to manipulate the law of the land and force their socialistic engineering ideas upon us.

No political system has ever been or will ever be perfect, including our democracy. However, it is the best form of governance in world history. But we are presently on a very slippery slope. If left unchecked, we will soon find ourselves in a society with practically no resemblance to the principles of the Constitution. Karl Marx is chuckling from his grave.

Robert Miller went beyond the surface and beautifully outlined the real threat we face today.

Seth Kohn

Graceland Road

New Castle