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March 12, 2013

Nation’s leadership fails to deal with debt woes

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Years ago, Ross Perot warned of the “giant sucking sound.”

This warning came true, especially in regard to the vacuum of leadership in Washington, D.C. The president and Congress would have us believe that as a result of the 2 to 3 percent reduction to the projected increase in spending, the sky is bound to fall. This is the dreaded sequester.

Didn’t all working Americans just receive a 2 percent budget cut on Jan. 1 with the restoration of the Social Security payroll tax to 6 percent? What did we do? We made adjustments to our budgets and spending.

Why can’t the federal government do the same without prophesizing doom?

A 2.8 percent cut in federal spending and criminals will now roam the streets and illegal aliens will stream across our borders? They already do.

It is common sense that the federal government cannot continue to spend money and raise debt at an alarming rate, currently at $16.6 trillion. Anyone who runs a household knows the consequences of continually spending beyond our means.

On the contrary, we have a government where many refuse to acknowledge that we do have a spending problem. We have a Senate that has not presented a budget in three years. Our president has missed his legal budget deadline in the past three years. His last two budget proposals were voted down unanimously.

The president says “we cannot cut our way to prosperity” We also cannot spend our way to prosperity.

Regardless if one is a Democrat, Republican or Independent, the lack of leadership and fiscal responsibility displayed by our federal government is downright scary. It is time to stop blaming our fiscal problems on anyone but ourselves for continuing to elect those who refuse to solve the root cause of our fiscal problems.

Dan Bailey

Edwin Drive

New Castle