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May 9, 2013

Letter writers invent gay marriage fears

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Here we go again: the publication of a letter by another bigot who opposes same-sex marriage.

And again opposition is based, not upon fact, but upon nonsense.

The most recent affront to sense was published April 11. Joseph Waltenbaugh proclaims that bestiality will be next. How does one draw a connection between same-sex marriage and bestiality? How does one do that?

Then he proclaims that pedophiles will want their rights protected. Really? Pedophilia is a crime, a crime against children. How exactly does that relate to same-sex rights?

On March 28, Fred Harlan stated that homosexuality is an immoral choice. Really? Facts will prove to him that epigenetic changes in the womb produce a homosexual individual. He should check the Science Now website. Put another way, folks are born either homosexual or heterosexual.

On March 26, Thomas Donegan states that “when homosexual marriage is realized — if it is — the ground swell advocacy for legalizing pedophilia will begin.” Really? A ground swell? When homosexual marriage is realized? I don’t understand that at all.

Here’s the issue: currently before the Supreme Court is DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). Six states and the District of Columbia legalized same-sex marriage (pending in more states).

DOMA negates the over 1,100 benefits, privileges and rights granted to opposite-sex couples. Thus the Supreme Court is taxed with a civil matter, a matter of discrimination, a matter of equal rights. Etched in stone above the entrance to the Supreme Court bare these words: Equal Justice Under the Law.

This has not one thing to do with morality, culture, pedophilia, bestiality or religion. This is a secular matter concerning civil rights and nothing else. Why do some persist in making this something it is not?

Judy Olson

Seneca Way

New Castle

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