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February 5, 2013

True leaders demonstrate courage to make changes

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

There’s nothing we can do.

This is a familiar phrase. We hear it at home, at school, in the community, the workplace, places of worship and from government.

Why do we say it and hear it so often? And why have we accepted its use? I believe this ubiquitous phrase is a frustrated voice of those who feel ignored, neglected, devalued and disrespected.

They have learned over dulling time, that there is no use in taking a problem to someone responsible to correct the problem, when that one responsible does nothing. And so, I believe, this emotional cry is the result of a leadership void within the institutions mentioned above.

It seems to me that leadership requires thoughtfulness, courage and action. Being thoughtful requires intentional observation; such as actively listening to the person voicing the problem or seeing the obstacle before you.

These actions lead to clarity and understanding of a problem or obstacle faced by someone under the leader’s charge. A good leader not only understands the individual’s problem, but how it affects the larger whole.

Courage is the conviction to change what is wrong, no matter the cost. No one likes change. Change takes time and commitment.

Change may cause people to push back. But remember, you have been thoughtful about the change needed and have been courageous to take the risk to bring about a good result. Action is the natural outcome of thoughtfulness and courage.

A leader must ask her/himself three questions. “Do I really care about and understand the scope of this problem?” “Do I know what change needs to take place for a positive outcome?” “Do I have the courage to take the actions to bring about change?”

I’d like to hear this sad phrase, “There’s nothing we can do” become extinct.

The Rev. David Chambers

Fairfield Avenue

New Castle

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