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May 8, 2014

Property rights stand goes only so far for Fox

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Here in Pennsylvania, if I have Marcellus shale gas under my land and I don’t want to sell it, the drillers can take it anyway.

It’s called “forced pooling.”

If I’m a farmer out in Nebraska and don’t want to lease a right of way for a Keystone XL Pipeline, a foreign oil company (Trans Canada) can take my land anyway. It’s called “eminent domain.”

What an egregious confiscation of property rights. Where’s Shawn Hannity and the Fox News trucks on this? Hannity spent a week defending Cliven Bundy, the lawbreaker out in Nevada who owes the federal government $1 million-plus in grazing fees. (All the other ranchers abided by the law and paid theirs.)

Make no mistake, this Bundy clown is a criminal — he’s been stealing from the taxpayers for 20 years, thumbing his nose at court orders to stop, and threatened federal law officers with violence if they dared to stop him or collect money due.

Of course, Bundy was applauded as a “patriot” by Hannity and the other government haters at Fox; that is until Bundy spewed a vile racist tirade. Hannity and Fox couldn’t retreat fast enough. How would they like it if someone took something from their land without paying for it?

Suppose all the property owners in Pennsylvania and Nebraska formed their own “militia” and used guns to confront these “tyrannical” gas drillers and oil companies who are trying to seize their resources/land. Whose side do you think Hannity and his “Fox friends” would take?

Hannity would probably be calling these landowners “thugs” and “environmental extremists.”

“Fair and balanced” my you know what.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township