New Castle News

May 3, 2014

Russia must stop meddling in Ukraine

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The crisis in Ukraine over the last several months has been unpleasantly disturbing for many people worldwide and even here in our town.

You might wonder why a teenager from New Castle like me would care about Ukraine and its problems.

I had the opportunity to go there this past summer. Ukraine, in my opinion, is a very beautiful country with truly amazing people.

When I heard about Ukraine in the last couple months, I grew wary of what might happen. I saw protesters in Kiev in a square I walked in. Now the Russians are trying to take cities close to where I was, and I recognize them as I listen to the news. I am afraid I will hear the name of the city I was at, Berdyansk, on the news because the Russians have taken over it.

Technically speaking, Russia had no right to enforce its will on the Ukrainian people. Russia’s interference with the country’s political issues is outright ridiculous. Ukraine is and ought to be a free and sovereign nation. Russia should not have the right to march into Ukraine and “protect” its Russian people. It would be like Mexico trying to take over Texas to protect the Hispanics there. It is pointless.

I may be young, but I realize the importance of freedom. Ukraine has worked very hard for its independence, and I can’t blame them for being angry. I believe that the Ukrainian government is taking steps in the right direction. I also agree with unavailability to use visas in Russia.

I implore the other world leaders to help the Ukrainian people in any possible way. They are citizens of this world, just like we are. We need to help them keep their independence and tell Russia they can’t meddle anymore.

Ruth Zeigler

Grange Hall Road

New Castle