New Castle News

April 15, 2014

Sebelius resignation follows vow to fight

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Kathleen Sebelius was honored at a garden party to celebrate her resignation and the pseudo fact that she orchestrated the signup of 7.5 million people into Obamacare.

She was quoted as recently as two weeks ago saying she’ll be continuing her “great” work ushering in this health care fiasco. I guess this administration had other ideas.

Once real estimated signup numbers and the amount of money paid in come to light we’ll hear the word glitch being used as an excuse again.

President Obama is able to handle situations like this. He’s very capable handling lies and half truths and misinformation. I’d give him high marks there, but he still isn’t able to understand foreign policy.

Before the last presidential election and I think it was the last debate where Mitt Romney stated “Russia is without question our number 1 geopolitical foe.” Obama’s response was, “You don’t call Russia our number 1 enemy instead of al Qaida unless you’re still stuck in a cold war mind warp.”

Obama thought Putin was a trustworthy friend, fast forward to the Russia, the Ukraine situation and we’re stuck with a leader who can’t lead and couldn’t foresee Russian treachery.

The man doesn’t go to briefings, so of course he’s never prepared for a crisis situation like the one in Ukraine. Let’s pray for the Lord God to bring wisdom to these situations.

Geoff Reed

East Lutton Street

New Castle