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April 5, 2014

God provides a door to human salvation

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

When we last left the story of the garden of Eden, it ended with God’s dilemma over the wall separating Himself with sinful man and His desire to again fellowship with the creation He so loved.

Since man could do nothing to resolve this (for a dirty cup of water cannot make itself clean), God would have to.

God would place a portal, a passageway through this wall of separation. Before He could do this, however, He had to first deal with man’s sinful condition.

God chose a people, and through them He would reveal His plan of salvation. This people went down into Egypt where they became slaves of the Egyptians, just as man was a slave unto death.

After years of slavery and bitterness, God sent them a deliverer. In response to their desire for freedom, Pharaoh set a plan that would take the lives of their first born. Instead, God made a way for the angel of death to pass over their first born. If these people would put the blood of a slain lamb on the lintel and side posts of their doors and pass under this blood, death would pass by them. If one attaches the three places where this blood was placed it makes an arrowhead pointing up to heaven.

The real door for all mankind would come down from heaven in order for man to have his relationship with God restored. All mankind would have to pass through this portal to have their sins removed.

If one examines the cross and attaches the points of the blood from Jesus’ hands with the blood from his feet, it forms an arrowhead pointing down. The cross is this portal and is man’s way back to God.

Thomas Brice

Boyles Avenue

New Castle

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