New Castle News

February 15, 2014

Investigation of Christie looks into everything

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

You had better watch something other than Fox News if you want the facts.

Federal investigators are all over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office, personnel and his records.

They’re not looking for Jimmy Hoffa. If he wanted to do the right thing, he should have owned up to his closing the lanes and not blamed others.

As far as Benghazi, what about the phony Iraq war?

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? They didn’t find any, did they?

Hundreds of people killed, hundreds of soldiers died being deceived by their commander in chief. They died for what they thought was a noble cause only to be destroyed by George W. Bush.

He got in the White House by the back door and the Supreme Court gave him the key.

President Obama inherited Bush’s mess. He didn’t start it.

Did Bush get bin Laden? No, Obama did.

I stand by what I said, the GOP needs to wake up.

Joseph Offie Jr.

North Mercer Street

New Castle