New Castle News

November 19, 2012

County residents vote against own interests

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor the News:

Once again the majority of people in Lawrence County had their heads buried in the sand and supported a loser running for president.

Why would they vote against their own interests? Mitt Romney himself said he didn’t care about 47 percent of the population, which is 99 percent of Lawrence County. Yet they voted for him.

Thank God there was a large majority in our state and the rest of the country who actually knew what the issues were and voted for our interests. And it was not because he is black, or Muslim or a non-citizen, and he is not going to take our guns or force us to kill our babies. And he is not going to round us up and put us in FEMA camps.

Maybe people ought to turn off their fair and balanced Fox News and their Clear Channel radio so they can no longer be brainwashed.

Jack Kirkwood

Main Street