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March 19, 2012

Photo ID law hurts voting, does nothing about fraud

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Sen. Elder Vogel’s recent vote to suppress voter turnout by supporting the new Pennsylvania photo ID law is mind-numbing.

I contend that voting fraud in Pennsylvania is not a problem, and that laws are already in existence to deal with any fraudulent voting.

The problem with voting that bothers Vogel and other state Republicans is probably the results of the last federal elections, which saw the Democratic candidates carrying the commonwealth.

I recently spoke with a representative of Vogel, in order to better understand the senator’s vote. The representative informed me that, up until the passage of this legislation, it has been impossible to know how widespread voting fraud has become.

This bill, in effect, would prevent fraud even though no widespread fraud is certain.

But this same official added that voting by absentee ballot would require no photo identification. This is a loophole Vogel could drive his tractor through.

Vogel’s representative went on to say that 99 percent of all registered voters in Pennsylvania possess a photo ID. I don’t know that such is the case, but I do know that more voters possess fingerprints and distinctive irises, so why not document those body parts?

It would save the time and expense of a trip to the PennDOT office to be fingerprinted prior to voting. After all, if Vogel is so concerned with all the possible fraud that may, or may not have, permeated each and every election in Pennsylvania, then treating each voter in the 47th Senatorial District as a possible criminal, should give some comfort to the Senator.

This is a tax. The new photo ID law taxes the ability of a large number of citizens to participate in what’s left of our democracy.

Bob Domin

Dollard Lane

New Castle

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