New Castle News

July 6, 2013

New Castle may regret scrap yard decision

By Staff
Sharon Herald

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Will the city regret a decision to permit Upstate Shredding to locate a metal scrap yard at the site of the former Pennsylvania Engineering building?

According to “American Metal Market,” the company plans to install a shredder at the site to produce 15,000 to 20,000 tons of scrap each month. The article also states the company plans to acquire “a network of feeder yards in close proximity to the site” in order to find enough feedstock for its massive shredder.

According to a public hearing before city council, 100 to 300 trucks will travel through the city per day. Although the scrap yard would be located in an industrial site, the 24-hour facility would operate its shredder near businesses, the fire department and the tourist promotion agency. It would also be located on a main entrance into downtown.

The scrap yard would be placed in a flood plain. Many local governments prohibit scrap yards in flood plains because of potential risk to public health and property.

Communities have also complained about the noise, vibration and dust pollution created by such shredders. When the city claimed that it wanted to revitalize the downtown, is that what it had in mind?

The rash of metal thefts in the area also prompted the New Castle News to publish an article stating that Lawrence County homes, businesses and cemeteries have become a target for thieves looking for scrap metal and fast money.

The owner of Upstate Shredding, Adam Weitsman, stated that the scrap they receive will be shipped out the day it comes in. This does not give owners a chance to recover property stolen from their homes and businesses. The lasting negative consequences of creating a central hub for scrap metal in the middle of the city could be irreversible.

Andrea Przybylski

Laurel Boulevard

New Castle