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February 23, 2013

Fox News coverage seen as politically centrist

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Robert Zbegan (in a recent letter) confuses news with commentary.

Fox News covers scandals committed by the right, e.g., Mark Foley episode (homosexual Republican Congressman), and the left (Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc.).

The left only gave significance to the least significant story — Foley. The people he cites are “opinion” people, and although they may be ideologically driven, ideology is a subjective ascription to that which is — and by definition — of the left. Conservatism, however, is not an ideology, it’s common-sense judgment, and action.

In 1781, Immanuel Kant published The Critiques of Pure Reason, and its assimilation into the university organically begat the sundry ideologies which all are predicated — consciously, or nay — upon the critique which denies objective reality’s access to the human mind; consequently the subjective conscience “creates” its reality.

The university — through synthesized myriad of corollaries of Kant’s epistemology has inverted its incipient rational worldview, i.e., Christendom, supplanting that with an ever-more irrational worldview of the present. This is an oversimplification, but there is a 300-word limitation.

Truth — for humans — as Saint Thomas Aquinas asserts, is conformity of mind and object. Moreover, truth is a relation in which the rational being finds himself dependent.

Rational beings know reality though its measure, a measure in acquiescence rather than ascription; to ascribe is arrogance, distortion and subjective, acquiescence is humility, pellucidity and objective.

Fox News has striven to make its newscasts pretty much down the middle — they’re only slightly left-leaning. The bias is in the culture; it’s the principles — which we’re not even conscious that we embrace — which have us casting aspersions upon those with whom we disagree, but behind it all is sentiment predicated upon the culture of death.

Thomas J. Donegan

Moffatt Road

New Castle