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June 25, 2013

Christians are obliged to adhere to God’s rules

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

If you profess to be a Christian, that means that you accept the divinity of Jesus without demand for proof.

You accept on faith all that He says or does as being true or correct. That is your status whether you are a Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist or any other Christian faith.

Also, you are bound by the proper teaching given to you by the priest, minister, brethren or whatever name any church leader has.

Why? We were told by St. Paul that the Apostles entrusted the sacred deposit of faith contained in the Sacred Scripture and Tradition to the whole church, and the church has been entrusted to deliver the same to their parishes, by their priests, ministers, etc., to carry out that task.

And so what we hear at their Sunday sermons should be more than instructive. It should be controlling. Consider. The minister tells you that Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, number five of which proclaims, “You shall not kill.”

Primarily, we have been told that human life is sacred because from its beginning, it involves the creative action of God and it remains forever in a special relationship with the creator who is its sole end.

What then is our reaction when a state issues a mandate approving a “death sentence” in a criminal action or approves a statute approving an abortion law? Do we accept the actions as being valid? No. The guilty criminal could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Abortion is the killing of a human being created by God. Yes, there is being raised as justification for such an act the welfare of the mother. But, can you justify the taking of the life of the child created by God to save the life of the mother?

Richard J. Audino

Kings Chapel Road

New Castle

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