New Castle News

October 3, 2012

Speaker explains comments made at gas meeting

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am writing to state for the record that my comments were inaccurately reported in the Sept. 21 article regarding the meeting held Sept. 20 at Westminster College to discuss the pros and cons of leasing college land to interested gas companies.

The article reports that “Jeffrey Bersett said trustees who will make the decision do not live in and have no personal ties to the community.”

This is not, in fact, what I said. I did say that while I respect and admire the trustees’ sense of connection with the community (that it is special to them and that they care about what goes on here), this is not the same as actually living in the community.

I then asked, for this reason, if there were any further plans for the board to include a community voice in their decision-process. Apart from the apology that I offered to Mr. Buehner after his comments, this was the full extent of what I said.

I am disappointed that my comment and question were misrepresented in published material.

Jeffrey T. Bersett

North Market Street

New Wilmington