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September 27, 2012

Evidence shows Ryan rejected atheist view

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Paul Ryan claimed in an interview an affinity for Ayn Rand’s views on the relation between government and private enterprise.

Ryan rejected Rand’s views, in that same interview, on social policy stating emphatically: “I’m a Roman Catholic, and she was an atheist …”

Leaving that out of any discussion regarding Ryan is obviously to cast Ryan in a bad light. How different is being a Catholic, or other Christian denomination, from being an atheist if you support candidates that are anti-Christ?

Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Clinton et al, all profess themselves Christian, but on abortion, sodomy and now on religious consciousness they are decidedly ant-Christ. Being Christian must mean to those who voted for Obama — an advocate of infanticide — and Clinton — father of partial-birth abortion — that they, as Christians, have “warm feelings, and good wishes for all;” you know, the very egoistic pap purveyed by Ayn Rand; her morality was selfishness.

That Catholics, including clergy, who voted for Obama may call themselves Catholics, and Christians, but they choose openly “to look, and not see; listen, but not hear.” Priests in particular are shameful — heard any sermons on the evils that we humans do, lately? Love! Love! Love!

Love is not only a moral obligation to seek another’s good, i.e., beatitude. Love is truth realized, i.e., the Word came into the world to recover what was lost. He did so in obedience to the Law, i.e., the will of He who sent Him.

When the world once again accorded with the Father’s will, the accord was the Word realizing Truth.

When do priests speak of the obligation to obey, or live, the truth? Where’s the balance between admonishment and tacit encouragement? Were equally silent leading up to World War II?

Thomas J. Donegan

Moffatt Road

New Castle

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