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July 20, 2013

People should support Life Chain programs

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

For pro-lifers and others who are against abuse toward women and children, once a year many communities participate in what is called, “Life Chain Sunday.”

In Lawrence County, we will have ours in New Castle, Ellwood City and New Wilmington on Oct. 6.

I do understand that many are not able to get out. However, we always have a poor turnout compared to the number of large congregations we have in Lawrence County.

For those who cannot get out, they should pray for the innocent unborn children of our nation, and those who are able to come out should stand for them.

In our community, one can see signs of urging to stop abuse to women/children all over. This is one day, Oct. 6, we can line our streets and, along with a Prayer Revolution 24/7/365 USA-wide praying for a revival never before seen in America, we can make a greater difference.

People should plan ahead, get involved and participate by getting the word out and lining our streets with people who are pro-life. Abortion is the greatest abuse against women and children.

Even those who favor a woman’s right to choose should recognize that an abortion means that a human life is destroyed. And if an unborn child is killed in the act of a homicide of a pregnant woman, it is considered a double homicide. There is no difference.

There are no ands, ifs or buts; I believe the Constitution guarantees the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The innocent unborn human children do have those rights just like the rest of us in the United States of America. We are an endangered species. Will people take a stand Oct. 6?

Charles Wilcox

Scott Street

New Castle

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