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September 11, 2013

America must respect the rules of restraint

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The current crisis in Syria is no doubt a horrible act against humanity; but do we as a nation want to act alone?

Post World War II, the United Nations and the Security Council put safeguards into place regarding international laws and acts of war where no one country could inflict military action against another unless in self-defense.

Our world and its societies are governed by rules and regulations; we may not agree with some of these rules, but we must respect the rule of law.

The purpose of the Security Council is to stop nations from militarily acting alone.

The Security Council’s five permanent members are a safeguard of international law and must be respected.

The response to act after the slaughter in Syria is a morally normal act, but to act alone is a much more dangerous message that will be sent.

The United States of America is a permanent member of the Security Council and for this, we must now show our ability to lead and respect international law.

We, as a world leader, lost our credibility and respect with our military actions in the Iraq war; now is not the time for cruise missiles, we must lead by example and respect the Security Council and international law.

History has proven that gunboat diplomacy does not work.

Leslie B. Davis

Hamilton Street

New Castle