New Castle News

March 8, 2013

Business owner objects to lottery privatization

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

As the owner of a lottery retailer business located in New Castle, I am writing to voice my strong opposition to efforts to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Like many retailers, we gain increased foot traffic into our store as a result of the lottery ticket sales. My store offers lottery tickets for sale, and a push to sell tickets online would obviously have a negative impact on my business. So I do have an interest in working with the Pennsylvania Lottery.

But Gov. Tom Corbett’s push to privatize the lottery raises several major issues — beyond the impact on retailers. The lottery funds programs for seniors and any money that goes to the private side will come at the expense of seniors.

There’s no way around that simple fact. The lottery, by all accounts, is a success. Last year was a record-setter for the lottery in both total revenue and profits.

Why privatize an asset like this that is working so well? It’s bad enough when private companies outsource to overseas sites, and it’s 100 times worse when your own government does it.

In addition, I am surprised that the governor believes he can ram a huge expansion of gambling through without any public input or any new legislation.

This is a rush job, plain and simple. The governor owes it to all Pennsylvanians to slow down, allow for public input and input from lawmakers.

Cheryl Rashid

Butler Avenue

New Castle