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February 22, 2013

Mayor’s early departure from King service decried

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

On Jan. 20 there was an observance at Ebenezer Church in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. held by the NAACP.

I see no acceptable reason why Mayor Anthony Mastrangelo left the service before its conclusion.

During the service, he sat in front of me. I contemplated asking him if he is related to the late George Mastrangelo, who was well regarded and respected in the community.

I decided I’d wait until after the service so not to be disruptive.

Once Pastor David Young concluded his speech, and before the singing of “We Shall Overcome,” Mastrangelo left with a quick pace.

I can’t say what Mastrangelo has done or hasn’t done for New Castle. I just moved back last year. I just think he should have stayed and fellowshipped with everyone else. It was all love.

Nationally, during the Martin Luther King holiday, politicians appear when they aren’t visible any other time. Are they there for us or themselves?

I once spoke at the same Martin Luther King event at the same church in 1998. Former Mayor Tim Fulkerson was there and he spoke as well.

Some time later, we had an encounter at his office over the proposed closing of the Grant Street Bridge. I didn’t raise my voice, wasn’t argumentative or combative. The meeting ended with Fulkerson screaming.

Once he was out of my face, I just observed, and calmly walked out, the bridge wasn’t closed. It was reduced to one lane.

I was speaking with someone who gave him praise. Said he changed. I’ll see for myself one day.

Arthur McRae Powell

North Beaver Street

New Castle

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