New Castle News

October 27, 2012

Compassion still counts as presidential quality

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I, like many Americans who are voting this fall, am appalled by the negativity of the campaign.

It seems that “truth” doesn’t exist in the political arena anymore. There are plenty of examples of distortions of facts — from both parties — that I could cite, but I’ll focus on just one glaring inconsistency in the Republican platform.

We’re constantly being told in ads and in debates and interviews that eliminating the Bush tax cuts for “small businesses” and the wealthy will eliminate jobs. If these tax cuts have been in effect since the Bush administration, where are the jobs?

The conservative Republicans say that if small businesses are taxed at a higher rate, which would be more in line with what “average middle-class” Americans pay, employers would have to eliminate jobs. I see this not as a result of their having to “pay their fair share,” but as a result of corporate greed.

It has been said that President Barack Obama is “the worst president since Jimmy Carter” and conservative Republicans mock his “Obama Care” programs. I think that something is very wrong with a society in which being a compassionate leader, who wants to help people who are in need, is the mark of a terrible president.

Jimmy Carter is still involved in humanitarian work. And, I’m sure that after his second term in office ends, Barack Obama will continue to help the disadvantaged as he did before becoming president.

I only hope that voters in this election vote with both caring hearts and discerning minds.

We are all in this together — brothers and sisters in a world that can be transformed by the power of truth and love and peace.

Pauline Beck

Hoopenhobe Lane

West Middlesex