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October 18, 2012

Voter ID law is effort to deny basic rights

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Nobody wants anyone to vote who is not a legitimate citizen of our state.

But the voter law that was passed, and now delayed by the courts, did far more than that.

This law, and others around the country like it, are the greatest threats this citizen has ever seen to our democracy. Doesn’t even compare with what the Sept. 11 terrorists tried to do in 2001. That attack shook our confidence and sensibilities, but the threat these laws pose threatens the foundation of our precious democracy.

Our equal right to vote in America is near sacred.

It would have stopped folks like my mother from voting. She was born on a Pennsylvania farm, with no birth certificate. After voting for 70 years, she would not have been able to get a voter ID that would satisfy this law.

By many estimates nearly a million of our citizens, legitimate citizens, could not satisfy the conditions of this law. Even though the Legislature could not cite even one case of voter fraud, let us grant them, say, 100 cases. Passing this law to prevent those 100 cases is like shooting at a fly with a Sherman tank. Totally out of proportion.

If the Pennsylvania law rears its ugly head again after this election, we should demand that the state, at its expense, makes it possible for any legitimate voter to easily get proper ID. Anything short of that should outrage every Pennsylvanian.

Robert Fassbach

Garfield Avenue

New Castle

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