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October 19, 2013

Pro-life movement ducks tough issues

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

It’s time for the pro-life folks to assemble again.

I’m constantly amazed at the single-minded, selfish naiveté of these folks. Their agenda is pro-life at any cost — except to them.

The Alpha Omega Center boasts that 85 percent of women it sees decide against abortion (probably because of scare tactics). If the women even contemplate abortion, they must have misgivings about being a parent.

In our society it is less shameful to belittle, neglect or abuse children than surrender them for adoption. Only 2 percent of today’s women make and keep adoption plans for their children. Probably more should.

Where are pro-lifers once a child is born? There was a recent story in The News about a 2-month-old infant who is now blind and in a vegetative state because her mother’s boyfriend got angry and threw her against a wall. Would abortion have been preferable to the future she now faces?

Where are pro-lifers now? Will they ante up the funds that caring for this child for the rest of her life will entail or leave it to taxpayers? Will they hold the mother’s hand as she grieves her child’s lost future? How many offered child care to the mother that could have prevented the tragedy?

How many pro-life advocates have adopted or fostered one or more of the 185,000 children in the U.S. non-relative foster care system, most of whom have significant mental and/or emotional health issues? Those children desperately need families.

It’s so easy to sign a petition, meet on the Diamond to rally, light the lovely luminarias and carry placards. When all of the pro-life advocates put tough, life-affirming action instead of rhetoric behind their beliefs, then they might have credibility.

Patricia H. Peiffer

McCracken Drive

New Castle

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