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February 28, 2014

Changes in society are hard to fathom

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I’m 89 years of age and I am wondering what has happened to the society that was fairly constant during the early years of my life. You ask what’s bothering me? Consider:

Today it’s routine that foul language is commonly uttered. Prostitution is actually legal in parts of Nevada as well as assisted suicide in several others. Homosexuality is part of everyday life.

Our movies feature premarital sex, nudity and excessive use of guns. Television, newspapers and magazines regularly feature the same subjects.

Naturally, our children who are easy prey to the attacks committed by such entities are influenced to their detriment.

Mentioning children, what about the seeming increase in the number of crimes where children are molested. It is extremely difficult to forgive the men (especially the priests) who have committed those offenses.

In addition to those items, we have our problems with drugs. Now, the state of Colorado declares marijuana can be legally sold to and used by anyone over the age of 21. It claims the use to be a fundamental right; they believe that its use will not cause harm. They are blind to reality. A user can easily obtain a habit that leads to the use of heroin, cocaine or other addictive narcotics.

We must not forget our Congress which, during the last 13 years, has had such a poor performance. In addition to the calamitous wars it has engaged in, its lack of aid to the middle class is abominable.

Surely these politicians can understand that a family cannot meet today’s cost of living on a salary of $7.25 per hour, and if unemployed, not to receive any assistance of any kind.

I am sorely afraid of the future.

Richard J. Audino

Kings Chapel Road

New Castle

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