New Castle News

November 7, 2013

Pro-life groups display concern for children

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

As an ardent pro-lifer, I would like to rebut some comments in a recent letter to the editor.

This letter accused the Alpha Omega Center of “probably” using scare tactics to convince women not to have an abortion.

Has she ever been to the center? Does she have actual proof of this? If so, then why the word “probably?”

Along with the vitriolic tone of her letter, she accused pro-lifers of not caring for these women and children.

I know for a fact (not probably) that our local pro-life group collects bottles, blankets, clothing and other supplies these women and children might need. Our fundraisers also provide help to these families.

The pro-life movement is not about luminaries, rallies or placards. It is about equal protection under the law for all human beings, born and unborn.

Places like the Alpha Omega Center and Rachel’s Vineyard care for these families with life-affirming action.

Perhaps letter writer Patricia Peiffer should visit the center to get better educated on what being pro-life is all about. It might just help her to be less single-minded, selfish and naive.

Mary Jo Gaspare

West Cherry Street

New Castle