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November 2, 2013

Alpha Omega Center doesn’t scare clients

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I am writing in response to the Oct. 19 letter written by Patricia Peiffer concerning the Alpha Omega Center.

Apparently she is not aware of what this ministry is all about. We are a nonprofit organization that provides pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and education to families experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

Is it our goal to see that our clients chose life? Of course. But we don’t use scare tactics. We educate. Women need all the facts.

We also teach sexual integrity classes (abstinence program, Life Matters) to nearly 3,000 students in 20 schools throughout Lawrence, Mercer and Butler counties. We provide our New Beginnings program that allows parents to earn donated baby items through attending parenting classes.

And, oh yes, we provide post-abortion counseling to women that have chosen to abort and now must deal with guilt because of their decision.

All of these services are free of charge regardless of the client’s financial status. Make no mistake, abortion is taking a life in the worst form. Life is a gift, given to us by He who created us.

Peiffer asked where are we when we are needed when things go bad. I ask, where is the support of the family? Do parents support their children when unplanned pregnancy occurs? Or do they toss them out on the street?

Do they talk to their children, educate them regarding sexual intimacies and the responsibilities and/or consequences that follow? Or do they allow the street to educate them?

We live in an age were sexual integrity is no longer part of the norm. Friends with benefits are. Condoms are cheap, sitting down with your child and educating them regarding abstinence is free. I am pro life. I believe all unborn babies have the right to life. Adoption is the option.

Susann Russo,

vice president,

board of directors

Alpha Omega Center

610 Superior St.

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