New Castle News

April 15, 2013

Constitution is replacing the Ten Commandments

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

In recent interviews, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton announced their change of mind over the gay marriage controversy.

They claimed their support for gay marriage had evolved over a period of time.

Traditionally, most people have associated evolution with the slow changes taking place in the natural physical world apart from any moral context or reference to God the creator.

As our society moves more and more to a secular outlook on life, it seems that our federal Constitution is gradually replacing the scriptural Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus as the God-given standards for our beliefs and actions.

Our Constitution, while a magnificent document indeed, is, however, limited to political matters. It does not directly mention personal morality or personal ethics.

Certainly many opinions and behaviors can be legal but they do not meet the biblical standards of morality, which do not evolve.

Bill Halttunen

West Vine Street

New Wilmington