New Castle News

September 15, 2012

Convention programs tackle serious issues

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

When one of those silly political letters was printed from Patti Jenkins and her cohorts, the latest coming in the middle of the Democratic convention, I just had to break my silence.

I know that these letters have become a family affair, and put me in favor of anything that bonds a family. One letter shows up and in about a week, another will pop up from the other part of the family — a part of the family I happen to know who said The News will never be in their house again.

At both conventions, we are watching people who impact our lives on a daily basis. The issues they speak about make policy and legislate the law of the land. They mean something.

Michelle Obama was electrifying; check the tweets. Bill Clinton quoted facts and figures to support every point he made about Barack Obama’s presidency and, after this, Jenkins cited a “rumor” she heard.

I don’t know the circulation of The News, but I have a good idea of the population of Lawrence County. Not everyone gets The News, not everyone votes, and the county is predominantly Democratic.

So I ask: Who cares about these silly little talking points she keeps writing about? I’m sure she probably spent hours researching and writing them, and I’m sure her “legal department” polishes them. Rumor? Someone dropped the ball on this one.

The rest of us are cooking dinner, doing laundry and trying to go about the business of living our daily lives. Before the next installment from “campaign headquarters” and she once again tries to further stem the tide of U.S. history, may I just say she has far too much time on her hands.

Maybe the $700 billion Obama “stole” is building the mansion.

Patti Papa Teplica

Edgewood Avenue

New Castle