New Castle News

January 28, 2013

Pennsylvania must alter selection of president

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania now exemplifies one of the reasons that the Electoral College was established. It now makes sense to divvy up Pennsylvania’s electoral votes by congressional districts.

The Electoral College was set up to prevent highly occupied states, which are also magnet areas containing large populations of immigrants, from being the lone deciders of presidential elections.

It’s no secret Philadelphia has long been the state’s money pit and is now ranked as the sixth most dangerous city in America. It is sad that the City of Brotherly Love, the birthplace of our republic’s founding, has become highly illiterate or willfully lawless to our election process.

Last November on Election Day, around 100 court-appointed minority (Republican) inspectors were refused “a seat at the tale” on election boards in Philly precincts. Many situations were settled with phone calls, when election boards were “schooled” on election laws.

Unfortunately, 48 inspectors were still thrown out of precincts, thus starting the five-hour process through the courts, with a judge issuing court orders demanding Republican minority inspectors be admitted to assigned precincts.

Additional costs were incurred when judges also felt compelled to order sheriff escorts for minority inspectors to the most combative precinct ensuring their safety and also to ensure the judge’s orders were obeyed.

Adding to those unnecessary costs is the need to hire translators for Khmer, Vietnamese, Latino, Korean and Chinese language voters who do not read or speak English. This issue is not anti-immigrant, as we all came from elsewhere, but shouldn’t the rural farmer who works from dawn until dusk, have his vote count the same as the voter who adds to the cost of the election process by needing to hire translators?

Patty Jenkins

Albert Street

New Castle