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January 14, 2013

Consumers have means to get Youngstown TV

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Comcast is not going to reconnect WFMJ to Lawrence County, and it’s a shame.

However, there are a few steps people can take to ensure access to Youngstown channels.

Legally, Comcast has to carry only one NBC affiliate, and because we are considered to be in the Pittsburgh market, it chose to carry WPXI Pittsburgh. Comcast owns NBC, so there isn’t a lot of recourse.

In the near future, when transmission contracts are up with WKBN and WYTV, we will likely be left without any Youngstown channels.

For those who would like to continue to receive the Youngstown channels and their affiliates, here are some suggestions:

First, connect an antenna and continue to receive cable or dish along with local channels. I purchased an HDTV antenna online to connect to a second TV to avoid a $10 increase in my cable bill. I placed it in my attic and was totally amazed with the results. It has a built in rotor and, depending on weather conditions, I can receive up to 33 channels from Pittsburgh, Steubenville, Youngstown, Alliance, Akron and Cleveland.

I also bought an indoor antenna and connected it to my main HDTV; I now easily receive all the Youngstown stations.

Antennas are available that receive all HD broadcasts and sister stations such as the CW, ME, ION and 24-hour weather from channel 33. To help find out which antenna might be best, is an excellent web site. If people search on “HDTV antenna,” they’ll even be able to make one out of coat hangers.

Second, people can add a Roku or Apple Internet streaming box along with an antenna and cancel cable or dish. This is really worth checking out.

Third, they can simply get an antenna and pay $0 per month.

Ray Cebula

Orchard Terrace Drive

New Wilmington

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