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January 12, 2013

Reader returns to The News fold

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Supporting local business, the community and The News with all its local advertising is good for our economy.

The News has many good journalists and many stories of interest. I can recall writings of Mitchel Olszak, editorial page editor, that have left a lasting impression on me, such as his Oct. 23, 2012, column: “I often tell people that the only thing newspapers really do is print words. It is up to others to read those words and respond.”

I am responding to his suggestion.

First, in the midst of the recent presidential election, The News quoted Sen. Pat Toomey’s press release on taxation as a front-page headline and suggested that President Obama would raise taxes.

That was the day I canceled my subscription. The article was uncritical, left a lot of questions and made no mention that it is Congress that votes on what to pass.

Then there is the paper’s policy of publishing all letters to the editor, regardless of inaccuracies, plagiarism and even vileness undermining the paper’s credibility. The tone of some letters is absolutely chilling.

The ObamaTaxCare one-sentence letter of Jan. 3 seemed to be filled with cut-and-paste plagiarism without proper acknowledgment of its real source. The actual author can be seen in a YouTube video.

There’s nothing like having a good cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. So when that nice gentleman from Nevada called me the other day about renewing The News subscription, I couldn’t say no. Call me either an eternal optimist or glutton for punishment, but here I go again — a New Castle News reader hopelessly hooked.

Diane Jerich-Domin

Dollard Lane

New Castle

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