New Castle News

January 2, 2013

Prayer provides answer for troubles of today

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

As I awoke recently with a good morning from my wife, a kiss, a cup of coffee to start our day watching the news and discussing the needs of the coming day, I couldn’t help but wonder what has happened to that beautiful world we grew up in.

I fought in two wars, being told we were making the world a better place and protecting the one we knew; it is worse.

What are we to tell our children of today and tomorrow? We are going to make your world a better place? We’ll do what our parents and grandparents did? More security, less religion in our daily lives. After all, religion interferes with our political beliefs. More security will make us feel more comfortable, just close the curtains and pretend all those people with guns are not there.

Maybe we should try something different. Let’s visit that different-looking building on the corner, the one they call a church, and see what that fellow up front with a Bible in hand has to say. Maybe we should learn to pray, but do you really have to learn to pray?

Now “right from wrong.” We all know what that is, don’t we?

I think I’ll start with a prayer, maybe the one Jesus thought was a good one. But I am sure we have ones we learned in your churches. I think God will be glad just to hear from us.

If we all let Him know how we feel about a better world for our children, maybe, just maybe, He will help us out.

Theo McCracken

Beckford Street

New Castle