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December 29, 2012

Visit to local store left lasting impact

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I had not been into the holiday spirit this year.

But the day after the horrible tragedy in Connecticut changed that.

As a mother, the thought of the loss of innocent lives hit me to the core. However, I saw there are still shining lights.

I went into Kmart to pick up some items. I saw a young woman trying on a Steelers hat and joking with a little boy. They made me smile.

I walked on to the candy aisles near the toy department and overheard a woman explaining to another little one what “on sale” meant and about an idea for a present for his brother. She explained the toy and how maybe his brother would share.

I then saw another young woman with a small child and another and another. I realized they all had name tag stickers, both children and adults, and they must be part of one of the groups that assists kids at Christmas.

The look on the face of one young boy when the woman he was with told him how much his cart would cost and he realized he could get it all, plus more, was priceless.

Yet these were not gifts for the boy. He was there shopping for his family. I started to cry. Instead of hurrying home I wandered the store crying as I watched women and kids sitting in aisles wrapping gifts, watching a little boy who wanted “just one more thing” for his mommy.

That moment was a reminder what Christmas is. And that even with the tragedies and evil we face in this world, there are still those people who do good.

I finally found the Christmas spirit this season. It was in the light of the children’s eyes and the smiles on their faces.

Stephanie Jones

East Lincoln Avenue

New Castle