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April 11, 2013

Will gay marriage laws create slippery slope?

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

So we have to ask ourselves: Do we really want to enshrine in law special rights for people based on the way they choose to pleasure themselves sexually?

What I am referring to is the disturbing trend that gives legal standing to people who choose to engage in homosexual activity and call it “marriage.”

The origins of marriage predate recorded human history. In addition to the moral component, marriage came about to satisfy an inherent societal need: the survival of the species through the conception and rearing of children.

It is the most effective way to ensure the propagation of a species and a culture. But once you start tinkering with the mechanics of marriage, you risk collapsing the whole societal structure at its very core.

Unfortunately, many people today do not care about protecting society or culture. Their sole concern is having a good time and eliminating all barriers to achieving their sexual Nirvanas. And for some odd reason, they expect society — the very society they seek to undermine — to officially sanction their chosen aberrant lifestyles.

But society must be careful not to proceed down that slippery slope. After all, there are others out there who can make the same arguments as do many of the homosexuals. Pedophiliacs, also, are only looking for love. Is it fair to treat them differently?

And let us not forget the animal kingdom. Bestiality has been around for as long as marriage and homosexuality. Is it truly fair to deny a union between a man and his Shetland pony?

We may be closer to all of this than you think. Why it was only the other day that I observed a group of scantily-clad Dobermans making sexual overtones and carousing late at night outside a local nightclub.

Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

Hillcrest Avenue

New Castle