New Castle News

February 26, 2014

Supporting fish fry aids fire department

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

We would like to take this opportunity to comment on the Mahoning Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Having attended several fish dinners at the Edinburg fire hall during the past few years, we were amazed at the excellent responses they have had. These volunteers certainly do a great job of preparing and serving delicious fish dinners.

Beginning Friday and during Lent we encourage people to attend, not one, but several dinners and remember that it is for a good cause. If people can’t make it, they can order takeout and the staff would be happy to accommodate.

We were totally surprised at the cost of equipment used by the firemen. We viewed these items because they were on display at the dinners.

We would also like to acknowledge all of those involved in the quick response to our house when we had medical occurrences. The department was sooner to arrive than the medical staff and were great at providing necessary service.

People should not hesitate to help out the department whenever there are any projects such as dinners, etc. The fire department can certainly use any monetary donations or any other type of assistance.

The department is certainly worthy of it as it is quick to respond to many other occurrences, such as auto accidents and pumping basements. It is there during freezing weather, snow, rain, wind, etc., etc.

We are grateful to the Mahoning Township Volunteer Fire Department’s service to our community and for being there when needed most.

Eleanore and Walter Patton

North Edinburg Road