New Castle News

March 29, 2013

Unexpected praise from the opposition

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I have a cousin who previously lived in New Castle and now resides in the North Allegheny School District and has children attending that district school.

I want to share with your readers an email that I received from him after the New Castle loss to Lower Merion.

“Sorry to see the NC team lose last night in the semi-finals for the state playoffs. As you know, NC beat North Allegheny three times this season. I am very well acquainted with one of the NA players. I let him know that I was born in NC and had many family members in NC and needed them to beat you guys at least once. He said your team was excellent and added that the players were the nicest and most professional team that he has played against ever. He and his parents said they really wanted to dislike the NC team but couldn’t and think your coach is extremely good as well. Well done and congrats to a great season.”

One would expect a good team to receive praise from its own fans. However, when an opposition team member expresses praise for the caliber of its opponent’s playing ability and for that team’s character I believe that it speaks volumes.

Sam B. Biasucci

Brookshire Drive

New Castle