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March 25, 2013

Court ruling may hurt faith-based adoptions

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Shortly after Massachusetts law began to allow same-gender marriages, Catholic Charities in Massachusetts was forced to abandon its child adoption programs.

The reason? Catholic Charities was brought to suit because they believed that the best place for an orphan or foster child was in the home of a nurturing mother and father. They were seen by the state as being discriminatory.

Catholic Charities held fast to the belief that two moms could not take the place of a dad and that two dads were inadequate to replace a mom in the life of a developing child.

What a blessing it is when a child has the nurture and love of a mother and a father. How difficult it is for any child when the love and nurture of a mother or a father is missing.

On March 26th, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin deliberate the legalization of same-gender marriage nationwide. What will happen to faith-based adoption agencies and child placement services that continue to believe that a child does best with the care and nurture of a mom and a dad?

Will they be forced to shut down, too? How tragic it will be for thousands of children and for our nation if we are forced to reap the bitter and discouraging fruit of more children who grow up without a loving mom and dad.

The absence of a mom or a dad can never be replaced in a child’s heart by having two parents who are of the same gender. Children are not “wired” that way.

If, however, through our legal and educational systems, we attempt to “re-wire” them, the disturbance we can expect to see may be exponential.

Tim Erson

South New Castle Street

New Wilmington