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March 20, 2014

Congressional inaction is empowering Obama

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

“We are now at the constitutional tipping point ... no one in our system can go it alone ...”

“To be sure this shift did not begin with President Obama. However, it has accelerated at an alarming rate under this administration ... Of even greater concern is the fact that the other two branches appear passive, if not inert, as the executive branch has assumed such power.”

The above quotes from testimony in February’s House Judiciary hearing are not from a Tea Party person, but Jonathan Turley, a known heavy left-leaning professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.

Strip away the professorial speak and seriousness of the hearing and Turley, who happens to agree with Obama’s policies, pretty much called out Congress for being total useless wimps, shirking their duties by sitting on their hands while Obama shreds the Constitution.

Last December Turley testified “this is more than a turf fight between politicians” “all citizens — Democrat or Republican or Independent — should consider the inherit danger by a president who can unilaterally suspend laws as a matter of presidential license.”

“He (Obama) is not simply positing a danger to the constitutional system: he becomes the very danger that the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

Obama and Democrats love nothing more than diverting citizens to squabble about race warfare, class warfare, imaginary war on women, wages, gay issues, abortion, etc., while they erase more than 250 years of constitutional check and balance power.

Obama uses “gridlock” as an excuse to sneakily move around billions of dollars to spend on his whims, changing laws and ignoring laws, citing that the framers “foresaw” and “lived in such a period.” Turley in plain speak, pretty much called the “gridlock” excuse dangerous.

Petty Jenkins

Albert Street

New Castle

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