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December 20, 2012

Author explains genius of Founding Fathers

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

A legal scholar named Ellen Kozak wrote a book titled, “The U.S. Constitution Book” in which she attempted to set out the “genius of the document that has governed the United States for two and a quarter centuries ...”

She has done that so well, I will quote her extensively.

Initially, she reminds you that the opening act in this drama is the Declaration of Independence declared on July 4, 1776, by our early colonists.

That was followed by the Articles of Confederation on March 1, 1781, an attempt to form a union on the residents of the colonies.

Then “... and then the idea of creating a national government from scratch, with all of the detail to run it in the form of a basic charter was a novel one when the United States first attempted it. Written charters gave the United States the basic premises on which it has functioned for more than two centuries after only one do-over, which was the replacement of the Articles of Confederation by the Constitution. France has tried to function under more than a dozen constitutions over approximately the same time.”

Things you may not know about the Constitution:

•The Constitution is an outline for running the government. It does not contain the laws that government uses to run the country.

•The Constitution restricts the powers of the government, rather than the rights of the people.

•The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation that preceded it, but did not specifically revoke them.

•Each state has equal representation in the Senate, although senators represent the people of their states as well as the states as a whole. The people of the United States are represented in the House of Representatives according to population numbers revealed by the census every 10 years.

Richard J. Audino

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