New Castle News

January 13, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Sin taxes generate plenty of money

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I don’t mind taxes as long as I don’t have to pay them.

This is the American cry. For example, I know a farmer who paid real estate taxes, part of which goes to schools. As long as he had children in school, he was quiet, but now he wants another way to fund schools.

I know people who smoke and/or drink and feel they are over taxed because America knows it can levy “sin” taxes without political controversy.

We have been reading articles about gambling. Our local politicians tell us of hopeful thoughts of taxing horse racing once considered another sin until government realized high profits can bring in taxes.

People complain about gasoline taxes. Last year, Pennsylvania’s tax was 50.7 cents and Ohio’s 46.4. I know people who run to Ohio and claim they saved money, but never added in the costs to get there and return, nor the time spent doing this.

Nobody likes paying income taxes, yet many countries have taxes as high as 71 percent, and during the 1950s in America, they could exceed 90 percent. And 47 percent of our population pays income taxes, which supports every federal and state program.

We also pay sales tax and many taxes on utilities, including phone service. I have called and asked what the tax is for and where it goes, but have never received a reasonable response.

When new businesses make money, tax them. Marcellus and Utica shale are next.

Sin taxes do bring in a lot of money, like the new laws allowing us to buy marijuana in Colorado and enjoy prostitution, legal in Nevada.

One day I’ll say, “Honey, go to Akron and get gas. I will be at the New Castle ranch smoking weed and stuff, so don’t call.”

Bruce Waldman

Maitland Lane

New Castle