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December 30, 2013

Letter writer’s day one of disappointment

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

I awakened this morning feeling busted, disgusted and can’t even be trusted.

I’m tired of being the “have nots.” The devil in me hatched a brilliant plan to take from the “haves” and I would no longer be a “have not.”

I hid in the shadows of a back alley. Here comes my “have.” I pulled out what appeared to be a gun. Startled, the man whipped out what appeared to be a “phone.” He called the police, said I was acting arrogant as in numbskull, and to have me removed as a nuisance. I left without incident.

Later that day I laid eyes on the most beautiful babe I’ve ever seen. I kindly asked her for the time of day. She immediately shouted some obscenity I’ve heard before. She said she wouldn’t give me the time of day even if I had the damn watch. Once again, I left without incident.

Later on, my world (for ever it’s worth) collapsed. I discovered I was on the FBI’s top 10 least wanted list, nonetheless in last place.

What I wouldn’t give (for ever it’s worth) to speak to Rodney Dangerfield.

Robert A. Zilinski

South Mercer Street

New Castle

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed “unprecedented” legislation yesterday to expand gun rights in his state. Good idea?

Yes. Expanding the scope of where people can carry guns can help halt violent crimes and make those places safer.
No. Carrying guns into bars and schools is NEVER a good idea. I think it will lead to more violence.
Not sure, but I don’t plan to visit Georgia any time soon.
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