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December 16, 2013

Obama was targeted from the beginning

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

The morning after the 2008 election, Barack Obama wasn’t even president-elect for one full day and there was already a barrage of vile, degrading, racist cartoons and caricatures on the Internet.

I saw some of the images myself; they were despicable.

Obama has been verbally assassinated day after day from the beginning by the political right. He’s been called a socialist, communist, Hitler, Stalin, traitor, Islamic terrorist and on and on. The Republican Party wants this president destroyed.

So, I have the audacity to defend Obama by firing back at these attack dogs and tea party phonies. Now I’m the one accused of being a “hater” or somehow violating their “freedom of speech.” (Hey, if they can’t stand a debate, then the shouldn’t start one.)

News flash: Ted Cruz can never be president because he was born in Canada. (These self-proclaimed authorities on the Constitution should know that.)

Second, former half-term governor of Alaska, tea party queen Sarah Palin calls Obama a “socialist” for the auto bailout (the government took part ownership of GM in exchange for the cash) yet Palin didn’t end socialism when she was commander-in-chief of Alaska.

Say what? Last time I checked, the Alaska Railroad is owned by the state. Furthermore, the Alaska Permanent Fund “entitles” every resident who’s lived in the state at least five years a royalty check (free government money) from the oil revenues.

You think Palin took hers? I hope not.

Robert Zbegan

Old Princeton Road

Shenango Township

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